A fresh perspective.

"I want people to feel excited and optimistic when they vote for me as their MP. Not like they are getting more of the same."


Dominic joined the Liberal Democrats the day of the referendum result in 2016, having never been a member of any party up to that point.

In November 2018 he was elected to Warwickshire County Council with 40% of the vote to represent Stratford North and has quickly gained a reputation as a dedicated and tenacious community champion, with a track record of putting local people and the community first.

Since becoming a county councillor Dominic has:

  • Championed Stratford's first LGBTQ support group,
  • Helped save local dementia cafes,
  • Provided funding and support for the Stratford-upon-Avon Foodbank,
  • Helped lead the successful campaign to save Stratford’s retained fire crew from proposed Tory cuts, and
  • Pushed for a climate change emergency motion.

Dominic Skinner was born and raised in Studley, went to school in Alcester, and now lives in Stratford-upon-Avon with his wife and two children. If elected he will be Stratford-on-Avon's first locally raised and educated MP in over 50 years.

Sustainable Housing

Dominic is the director of his own architecture practice, focusing on cutting edge eco and sustainable design. He has worked on award-winning projects and led a ground breaking initiative to provide eco social housing. He is a part-time lecturer on sustainable architecture and design at local universities. 


Dominic believes in opportunity. That opportunity comes from:

  • Better quality, accessible and truly affordable housing for local people
  • Combating food poverty and supporting families locally and nationally
  • A diverse, empowered and inclusive education system
  • Health care that works for users and providers at all levels

To deliver that opportunity an MP needs to understand local issues, the communities they represent, and put local people first in decision making.

'I looked in on my kids sleeping that morning and thought: "they have been robbed of opportunity". I had to do something.'


Dominic feels Brexit by any means is a backward step that makes life harder for people already in hardship, and deprives people of opportunities. It is a regressive step rather than a forward one:

'To those who say "take our country back", I'd rather take it forward.'

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